Ron Paul's Prophetic Words on Automakers

As we reported in December, Ron Paul's idea was to let
Automakers go bankrupt in December, without the bailouts.

Instead $15 Billions and more were paid from US Citizen's
money, and GM car company is still going bankrupt.

Here's the link to a December post:

And here is what I wrote in December:

Ron Paul takes the mask off of the Auto Bailout: The fat cats and the unions
are looking to keep their retirement benefits and all their bonuses.

Too bad, we'll probably still have to see them go bankrupt. Hopefully sooner
rather than later.

Here's the original article:

December 12, 2008

Dear fellow Patriot,

Small piece of good news out of Washington last night!

After the House of Representatives rubberstamped a $15 billion bailout package for Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler in a 237-170 mostly party line vote, bailout proceedings croaked in the Senate last night.

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