Natural Solutions Foundation Attacked

Got this emergency notice today from Natural Solutions Foundation. They have been fighting powerfully for our health freedom, and against the health and food establishment. Who knows where this attack is coming from? Please learn how you can help them get back on their feet. --Matt


To All Natural Solutions Supporters:

This is an emergency appeal for help and support. No fancy graphics, none of the important information about health and freedom you usually get from our Health Freedom Action eAlerts... just this note to tell you Natural Solutions Foundation is about to be shut down - permanently - through a series of vicious attacks unless you help keep Health Freedom alive. It's that serious.

We were preparing a new Blast and were going to tell you about the exciting news - Dr. Rima's Advanced Medicine organization, which endorses the Natural Solutions Foundation, has just come out against ALL GMOs... we were going to tell you about the growing alliance between health freedom advocates and natural farming groups to fight the (sic) "Food Safety" bills... we were going to tell you about our efforts to secure your right to self-quarantine in the event of a weaponized flu pandemic, instead of being forced to take a vaccine that might kill you...
until this vicious attack took place and we had to change our direction from health freedom information and action to making sure Natural Solutions Foundation, the largest and most effective health freedom organization in the world, stays alive.

After all, if Natural Solutions Foundation were not making the kind of headway we are, why would we be attacked? Why would we be the subject of constant disinformation and why would our funds, and funding, be attacked the way they have been?

So instead of news and action steps, we have an emergency to deal with. It is called "survival". Right now we have to tell you that we are about to lose access to our internet communication platform, Democracy in Action (DIA), the online facility that lets us send these eblasts to a quarter million people (not counting the several million more to whom they are forwarded). We also have to tell you that we cannot pay the Natural Solutions Foundation's bills for this month because of this attack. The money that we intended to pay them with has been taken from our bank account as part of the continuing attack on us, leaving us many thousands of dollars short.

We've already told you about the cyber attack we've been under, in which an "attack bot" was sending tens of thousands of fake $1 'donations' to us; and how even though we believe that their system should have caught the obviously fraudulent 'donations' (about which we notified them), the unfriendly corporation known as "" decided to charge us ten cents for each fraudulent transaction - even after we purchased their so-called "Fraud Protection Suite" for a montly fee. That means that the more than 100,000 fraudulent transactions the bot generated have cost us an enormous amount of money. simply took those disputed charges from the Foundation bank account into which credit card purchases and donations were automatically deposited. To date they have now taken thousands of dollars from our Foundation bank account, including all of your DIA donations from last month, leaving us with a negative account balance. We can't pay DIA. We can't pay our bills. We can't attend the Codex meeting in Rome this coming July. Soon we won't be able to communicate with you at all.

Why? Because today we received this note from DIA: "...past due balance ($6,450). This is unacceptable and if the remainder of the two invoices is not paid by the end of this week we will suspend service and potentially terminate our relationship..."

That's it folks. Unless we raise about $7,000 immediately to pay DIA, we will be terminated by our communication platform. No more concerted efforts that have had such powerful effects...

And unless we raise another $10K to pay our outstanding monthly expenses, and enough money to go to Codex in July, we will be on the outside, looking in... without being there for you.

You can see what we've accomplished with your help at:

It is really ironic that if everyone reading this email blast did, in fact, what the bot was supposedly doing, making donations of small amounts, we would not have this problem. The fact is, however, that less than 4% of our primary mailing list readers (and that list is about 1/4 million people) donate. Of the secondary list -- millions of people (!) a much, much smaller percentage donate. Yes, they take action, and for that we are most appreciative, but they do not donate. "Let George [or Jose, or Pierre, or Sasha, or Ng, or Warantai] do it!"

The truth of the matter is that health freedom belongs to every one of us and we need your help, large or small, and we need it now.

You will only be able to donate through our PayPal portal since we have shut off the credit card system that uses or through sending checks or money orders to us at

Natural Solutions Foundation
PO Box 722
Maryville MO 64468

We need your help to keep us alive and helping you by carrying out the battle for your health freedom.

Please, please give generously today: Recurring donations, whatever their size, are urgently needed. All donations are tax deductible in the US. Donations are accepted from supporters all over the world.

If everyone who normally opens this eblast donates even a few dollars every month, Natural Solutions Foundation will survive. It is up to you. Is it worth $5 or $10 or more? We believe it is and we urgently hope that you think so, too. Large numbers of supporters open every blast: we need your help now!

Among our innovations on your behalf is the thrust to demand the right to self-quarantine if a Pandemic (real or imagined) is called, rather than be forced to take weaponized vaccines for a weaponized virus.

So, for as long as our communication platform remains available, send a message to Congress, your Governor and State legislators: we want our right to self-quarantine, in the event of a pandemic, to be legally secured:

Remember, there is no one but you who can make sure that the Natural Solutions Foundation, your health freedom voice, stays alive. We believe you want us at Codex in July. We believe you want our Health Freedom Action eAlerts. We believe you want our information and we believe that you want our Health Freedom Action Steps as part of the vast army of Mouse Warriors riding the Freedom Mouse for your own well-being and the well-being of those you love.

Now is the time to show that our belief in you is justified.

Help us recover from these devastating attacks and emerge stronger and more powerful than ever. Codex Commission meeting is coming in July. We want to be there for you. Help make sure it happens. We want to continue to inform and activate the health freedom community. Help make sure it happens.

If there is an Angel out there who can help us put our finances back in order, we need you to contact us immediately. Please contact our counsel Ralph Fucetola at

Please, please give generously today:

Thank you, each and every one of you, for your donations, large and small. Each one will help to ensure that the Natural Solutions Foundation survives to continue the battle for YOUR health freedom.

Yours in Health and Freedom,

Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (U.S. A. Ret.)

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director

Ralph Fucetola, JD

Natural Solutions Foundation

PS: If you are a customer of our virtual stores, and you probably recieved the following letter from Gail Coba, our wonderful Customer Service lady:

From: Gail Coba <>
Date: Sat, May 23, 2009 at 1:32 AM
Subject: An Important Message from Natural Solutions Foundation

Dear Supporters and Customers

The Natural Solutions Foundation's Marketplace "online Mall" has been attacked by Credit Card Hackers. We have had to suspend our credit card processing with We do have Pay Pal in place and that system is working fine. We don't want to put your information at risk, nor ours - so we are asking our customers and supporters to continue their patronage using the Pay Pal system for now.

We are investigating the security of other systems for those of you who prefer another option.
We plan on bringing a more secure online system into place very very soon. We will dispatch another email to you personally to advise you.

Please know that this change is necessary only because fraudulent charges were being tested in the Natural Solutions account. We found that with all the security features in place, that the real orders received, were being rejected along with the fraudulent orders.

We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, however it is a necessary step to insure our security and we will correct this situation as soon as possible.

If you have a monthly recurring charge on your credit card - that is not with Pay Pal, please contact me immediately. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me. Thank you for your patience with this concern.

Gail Coba
Marketplace Operations
Natural Solutions Foundation - Dr. Rima Laibow

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