Bailout Battles Continue-Small Victory!

Ron Paul takes the mask off of the Auto Bailout: The fat cats and the unions
are looking to keep their retirement benefits and all their bonuses.

Too bad, we'll probably still have to see them go bankrupt. Hopefully sooner
rather than later.

[Update: Sure enough, GM went bankrupt soon thereafter]

December 12, 2008

Dear fellow Patriot,

Small piece of good news out of Washington last night!

After the House of Representatives rubberstamped a $15 billion bailout package for Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler in a 237-170 mostly party line vote, bailout proceedings croaked in the Senate last night.

See Ron Paul tear the bailout’s mask off during a speech on the House floor on Wednesday and expose it for what it really is:

While some Senators’ motives for voting down a cloture motion on the Senate floor weren’t as honorable as we could have hoped, public opposition still led a majority of Senate Republicans to refuse consideration of the corporate socialist boondoggle.

If you were one of the many Campaign for Liberty patriots who turned up the heat on Congress, you deserve a hearty “thank you”!

But don’t expect The Big Three and the United Automotive Workers union to just give up.

Now they’re pressuring the White House to cut them big slices of the Treasury’s $700 billion taxpayer pizza – and don’t forget the $50 billion in grants they still want from the Department of Energy.

Read all about it on our Liberty Blog (

In liberty,

John Tate
President, Campaign for Liberty


Mentor Matt said...

2/17/2009 -- Now Automakers Want 3-5 Extra Billions... nice.

canopeas said...

I sent an email to my congressman to see if I could stir up some intuitive thinking on auto company bailout. I would like to see a stipulation that if they take the money,they should have to open their 'hidden' patent portfolio. The reason being I have read about inventions to extensively increase fuel efficiency,only to have them and any evidence of them disappear forever. What are your thoughts on this? All the best, Dan P. triboro89

Mentor Matt said...

Great idea, Dan! Break the car monopolies in any way we can!

Mentor Matt said...

Now GM going bankrupt. How right
Ron Paul was back in December 2008!

Mentor Matt said...

Another thing, Dan. I see a lot of water-added systems for increased fuel efficiency. I don't see why the Detroit car companies would not use such simple systems if they have the patents. If they don't they'll get clobbered by others, like electric cars.

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