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From Break The Matrix 5/21/2009
You did it!

Thanks to your efforts and support, "Freedom Watch" with Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and more is FINALLY being considered for an open time slot on Fox News Channel. Can you imagine what would happen if the Freedom message could be heard by millions of mainstream viewers each week?

They'll make the decision soon.

Here's how we can help:

1. Flood them with emails requesting the show (see below for sample email)

2. Bump the viewcounts on YouTube AND the Fox website.

Details here:

Send as many emails as you can, get your friends to send... here's the address:

Here's a sample email you can cut and paste (thanks to Austin Petersen of the LP):

To Whom it May concern:

I am writing today to request that Judge Napolitano’s “Freedom Watch” be given a chance to be aired on Fox News Channel.

There are so many people out there I believe that would watch it because there just aren't any shows that really cater to independent minded people like me who care about things like personal and economic freedom.

Having a show like this on T.V. would be compelling, and I would definitely watch it and get my friends and family to watch it too. Fox would be opening up a whole new market and bring in lots of new viewers! Please put it on air!

Thank you!

Watch this week's episode here:

Please forward this email, post the videos and spread the word everywhere you can :)

Thank you SO MUCH for your ongoing efforts and support of this show.


CTO, BreakTheMatrix

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