Stop the Car Manufacturers Bailout Today! Ensign Filibuster!


December 10, 2008

Dear fellow Patriot,

Just as we promised, Congressional leaders weren't content with
their $700 billion bailout this past fall and are ready to pass
another one -- this time for the American automotive industry.

Visit our activist Liberty Blog at to learn how you can help fight
this round of government theft and wealth redistribution, or just
keep reading.

In the agreement just formulated earlier today by Congressional
Democrats and the White House, our government has pledged to
wrest another $23 billion away from taxpayers to subsidize the
inefficiency and reward the poor management and performance of --
count them -- one, two, three giant corporations.

But that's not all.

More intervention like this means greater government oversight
and regulation -- and more inflation as the government prints and
spends even more dollars.

As one economic thinker once reflected, a subsidy may be a form
of establishment, but it's really a means of capture.

Even if the bailout passes the house, we have a chance to muster
some opposition in the Senate.

Using the contact information provided on our website, tell your
Senator to support the Ensign filibuster. While you're at it,
thank Senator Ensign for standing up to Big Labor and Big

Auto Bailout Looming


Mberenis said...
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Mentor Matt said...

Care to explain how Obama is different? These government grant ads have been around forever.

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