Mumbai attacks seek to create divisions between Hindus and Muslims, tensions between India and Pakistan, create conditions for US Military to expand

From Total Truth Sciences.

Mumbai: Prof. Chossudovsky says attacks seek to create division
within India between Hindus & Muslims, tension between India & Pakistan, and
condition for US Military actions inside Pakistan to expand imperial wars
into South-East Asia

"Professor Chossudovsky stresses that the series of terrorist attacks across
India seeks to create (a) social division between Muslims and Hindus within
India, (b) tension between India and Pakistan, (c) conditions for US
military operations inside Pakistan (which has been going on) and to expand
the intervention in South and East Asia.

Another NWO theorist, Mike Ruppert, a former LAPD officer, who pieced
together CIA's involvement in global narcotics trade, sums it up:

"What scares me most about the Mumbai attacks is the following:

1. They are not over yet.
2. We don't know who did it.
3. At this level of sophistication I would expect the capacity for a
"follow-on" in the near future. If the intent of the attack is to put the
United States completely out of business it will have to do so quickly.
4. The United States still has enormous military power which might be viewed
in some DoD circles now as "Use it or lose it." They too can see the writing
on the Imperial wall.
5. The attackers have made no demands.
6. To even publicly breathe that it might be state-sponsored puts us (i.e.
all mankind) a hair trigger away from nuclear conflict in any off our
theaters tactically and on a MAD basis strategically.
7. The logistics and C3 (Command, Control and Communications) for this looks
8. This is an absolutely brilliant and potentially fatal blow aimed
precisely at the weakest spots we have mapped in "Crossing the Rubicon: The
Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil" and at "From
The Wilderness".

The fact that there are no convincing suspects as yet also points to a
state-sponsor trying to disguise itself as a large terror group. That might
explain why there are no demands... Demands identify the suspect."

One last word: Our mainstream media and the politicians have done an abysmal
job. Not one channel or newspaper truthfully analyzed what is going on. Not
one politician could rise up to the occasion and behave in a statesman like
fashion. Given the true nature of the attacks, that is most worrisome.

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