Ready for Socialized Medicine?

From Break The Matrix, Today. Urgent! -Matt

Healthcare "reform" is a hot topic, and we've just learned Obama's new socialized healthcare bill is anticipated to pass by the end of July. Please help stop this $1.5 trillion travesty before it's too late:

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GREAT work keeping up the pressure on Congress to suppport HR 1207 and S 604! S 604 has two co-sponsors (DeMint & Vitters) and HR 1207 is up to 232! This is an amazing victory, and a true testament to our power when we come together to stand up for what's right.

* * * * * Also, don't forget to tune into Freedom Watch LIVE at 2pm EST every Wednesday - this week's show has Judge Napolitano with Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Dr. Yaron Brook, Rockwell, Woods, Mike German & John Pappas. If you miss the live show, we'll post the YouTube videos at sometime Wed. evening. * * * * * Thanks for all of your support & efforts to help spread the message! Shelly CTO, BreakTheMatrix

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