Happy Birthday, ACORN! Need more federal grants?

Got this from Michelle Bachman today; She was denied the debate in
the Senate about ACORN. Do you really want this organization to get
federal grant funds? Help spread the word that
US taxpayers do NOT want to support an organization convicted
of voters fraud in 12 states! --Matt

Bachmann for Congress

June 17, 2009
Special Edition: Bachmann Blast
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Dear Friend:
ACORN is celebrating its birthday and as a gift from its friends in the House leadership an amendment that Congressman Steve King (R-IA) and I offered to keep ACORN from getting federal grant funds through the Census and other federal grant programs has been denied debate.
They won't even let it come to the House floor for discussion. They don't want to have to go on the record in support of this corrupt organization.
No wonder: The American people have said loud and clear that they don't want Congress funneling their hard-earned tax dollars to ACORN.
In less than 2 weeks, nearly 32,000 Americans signed my petition to stop Congress from spending millions on ACORN's voter registration fraud.
If you haven't signed yet: SIGN NOW!
Please forward this to all your friends and your family and your co-workers.
Congress has absolutely no intention to stop funding ACORN. And, if they can't say no to ACORN -- an organization investigated and indicted for voter registration fraud in more than a dozen states -- where will they draw the line?!
This is your money. You have the right to say that you've had enough.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Have you seen Michele Bachmann's ACORN video? Check it out:
And, watch Fox News today (Wednesday, June 17th) as they celebrate
ACORN's Birthday Bash!
5 pm Eastern
4 pm Central

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