Commentary on Robert Scheinfeld: Busting Loose From the Money Game

Busting loose from the money game is the second title I read by Bob Scheinfeld. A friend of mine read the first book and was able to make over $200,000 in two years starting from nothing. The Busting Loose book seems to be a quantum leap beyond the 11th element. It shows the illusions we create, including the illusions associated with money and gives a recipe to bust loose from them. It is a fabulous piece of work. What follows is my review and the commentary on the core part of the book. Obviously this book is not for everyone. It requires a prior Phase 1 experience, making money the hard way, working harder OR smarter. It may require being sick and tired of doing that for a long time, it may require a level of frustration with Phase 1, so you become more open minded and accepting of the "other" way of being, the Phase 2, where the illusions are torn down. On to the commentary:

Robert Scheinfeld: Busting loose from the money game.

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BUSTING LOOSE FROM THE MONEY GAME In part one RS describes the characteristics of the money game as played by most. It makes it clear it is the game you can not win. Describes its rules.
An Overview of The Process
When you experience discomfort of any kind: you'll know it by increased negative emotion such as anger, sadness, despair, fear, hopelessness, discouragement, apathy. Also note in you there may be an automatic process going on called Automatic Emotion Regulation (AER) that could down regulate emotion and make it harder to detect. High alertness is therefore needed. For a paper on AER see
· Dive right smack into the middle of it . This is really important as it enables you to feel the emotion fully and is not working against you. Big difference between going into this emotion/discomfort consciously and following RS vs. going in unconsciously and just feeding on it a-la Tolle's painbody.
· Feel the discomfort energy fully. See above. Really allow yourself to feel it fully, this will increase the available energy.
· When it reaches a peak of intensity, tell The Truth about it. RS at this point recommends saying something like "I am the power and the presence of God". Or "I am the power of the Pure Consciousness" This seems to be the point where you want to do the Byron Katie's questioning/work. Yet maybe not, we'll see.
· Reclaim your power from it. Reclaim by saying "I reclaim my power from this creation NOW". This sounds good, it goes to turn the energy of the creation into its that what I need? This could also be the step of turnaround in Byron Katie, where power seems to be appearing by observing both the creation and the opposite of it....unknown power emanates from it somehow.

New: Busting Loose from the Business Game

· Open up more and more to who you really are. This builds up on the previous point maybe. Maybe not. Who I really am is infinite consciousness etc, so I am in a way above and beyond the experience or its opposite. Yet I invited this leading edge space into my experience (cf. Abraham Hicks) so I enjoy immersing myself into this leading edge space. RS calls this Feeling of Infinite Energy. Okay.
· Express appreciation for yourself and the creation. I can hear Arnold Patent here. Feeling appreciation in the midst of a big turnaround is very powerful.
If you feel any form of discomfort at all,
you apply The Process.
Step 1: Dive Right Smack into the Middle of It
The tremendous power that's disguised as discomfort is very real and very tangible. You can feel
it. You might experience it as a gigantic vibrating ball of energy. You might experience it as
feeling like a hurricane or tornado of energy. It might feel like a whirlpool or vortex of rushing
water. It doesn't matter how you experience it. We’re all different and have different ways of
experiencing emotions, energy, and power. Just notice what's there for you. Whatever your
experience of the discomfort is, in Consciousness, you dive right into the middle of it (or run or
walk or jump or whatever action works for you). However you choose to do it, fully immerse
yourself within the discomfort energy. In the beginning, it will be easier if you apply The Process
with your eyes closed. Later, it won't matter and you'll be able to do it on the fly, even while
engaged in conversation with others.
Step 2: Feel the Discomfort Energy Fully
Once you're fully immersed in the discomfort energy, feel it as fully as you possibly can. Just
feel it, the intensity, the waves, the raw power in it, whatever it feels like for you. If you can
escalate the intensity and allow yourself to feel even more of what's there, do it because the more
you feel, the more power you can reclaim. I say this because in Phase 1, many of us create a
dynamic where we automatically decrease the intensity of all our emotions before we allow
ourselves to feel them. For example, the true intensity of the emotion might be at level 100, but
we knock it down to level 60 before we allow ourselves to feel it because that feels safer.
Therefore, in that example, there would actually be 40 additional units of power available we're
not generally consciously aware of. You have the opportunity to reclaim power from all the
available units when you apply The Process. If you feel comfortable doing it, do it. If you don't,
no big deal. You can go back and get the rest of the power later.
Just feel the energy of the discomfort as much as you'll
allow yourself to. No thinking, no logic, no intellect, no
judgment, no labeling. Just feel it.
The intensity you feel, no matter how you might judge or label it, is your power. It's who
you really are. It's what you had to put in the egg/pattern to pop that experience into your
hologram and convince yourself it was real. If you get to the point where you feel like you're
going to be overwhelmed by the energy, you can stop, but I invite you to stretch yourself. The
feelings of danger are just an old trick you used in Phase 1 to keep yourself away from your
power. You can ignore the trick - completely safely - if you choose to. Your Expanded Self is
always protecting you and keeping you safe and would never give you more than you can
handle, no matter how it appears.
The core structural component of step two is feeling the feelings as fully as you possibly
can. How you do it, what you see, feel, hear, and create for yourself in the experience is all up to
you and you can evolve and change what you do over time. As I've explained, there are no rules
or formulas for anything in Phase 2 of The Human Game.
Step 3 : When It Reaches a Peak of Intensity, Tell The Truth about It
As you immerse yourself in the discomfort energy and feel it as fully as you possibly can, you'll
notice the energy reaching its own natural peak of intensity - or you'll notice yourself reaching
the limit of how much you're willing to feel in that moment. Trust yourself on knowing when the
peak or your limit has been reached. Resist the Phase 1 temptation to get overly analytical and
beat yourself up by saying something like this to yourself, "I have to find the perfect peak point,
and if I miss it I screwed it up and I'm an idiot." You just do your best and trust your Expanded
Self, especially at the start. It’ll get easier as you apply The Process more and more.
When the intensity reaches its peak, you call it what it really is, which means you tell The
Truth about it. What does that mean? You affirm who you really are, how powerful you really
are, that you created it, it's not real, just a creation of your Consciousness. To do that, you must
come up with a phrase to describe the Real You that resonates with you and supports you in
feeling as powerful and infinite as you possibly can. Following are some examples you can use
or adapt, or you can make up your own phrase. The words don't matter. How they make you feel
is the only thing that matters. The first phrase is what I use. It's a phrase that was given to me by
Arnold Patent and I liked it so I use it. The others are examples of phrases my clients and
students use:
"I am the Power and Presence of God."
"I am the Power of Infinite Intelligence."
"I am the Power of Pure Consciousness."
"I am the Ultimate Power in the Universe."
Once you choose a phrase, and it may change and evolve over time, you then add your
affirmation of The Truth after it and expand the phrase. For example, this is what I say in step
three of The Process:
"I am the Power and Presence of God creating this. It's not real. It's completely made up.
It's a creation of my Consciousness."
The core structural component of step 3 is telling The Truth about your creation and
whatever appears to be causing it. You must tell The Truth about it and really feel the
truthfulness and power of the words you use to describe it. Why? Because throughout Phase 1,
you lied to yourself about it. You told yourself the illusion was real, it was scary, it had power
and you did not, and those lies locked you into limitation. When you apply The Process, you
must reverse that trend and call it what it really is. How you do it, what words you use, and how
you use them is up to you.
Step 4: Reclaim Your Power from It
After you tell The Truth about your creation, you then simply reclaim your power from it by
affirming it using words like this: "I reclaim my power from this creation NOW!" Those are the
words I used at the beginning of my Phase 2 journey. However, I later added the following
wording to that first sentence: "As I reclaim that power, I feel it coming back to me." (And I
really feel it "flowing" back to me.) Then I say, "I feel it surging through me." (And I feel it
surging through me.)
Reclaiming the power in step 4 is a critical step in The Process, especially at the start.
Steps 5 and 6 are also important, and will become more and more important as you move more
deeply into Phase 2, but as you'll see, they may take some time to master. If you follow steps 1
through 4, you will reclaim power and your hologram will change.
Step 5: Open Up More and More to Who You Really Are
In step 5, you open up to The Truth and Power of who you really are, and you really feel it. I call
this feeling the Infinite Energy. For purposes of discussion, suppose you chose to use the same
description I do for who you really are: "The Power and Presence of God." You must then learn
to cultivate the feeling of really being that - the feeling of actually being infinitely powerful,
infinitely wise, and infinitely abundant . You start by asking yourself questions like these, "What
would it feel like if I had infinite power, wisdom, and abundance? What would it feel like if I
could just snap my fingers and anything I wanted instantly manifested? What would it feel like to
be in absolute joyfulness and peace all the time?"
The way I was able to cultivate and expand those feelings was by repeating the following
phrases to myself, over and over, and feeling, really feeling, the Truth and power of them:
I am the Power and Presence of God creating everything I experience, everything.
There's no power out there, not in anyone, not in anything.
I am in Infinite Abundance, right here, right now.
Infinite power to create anything I want.
Infinite knowledge and wisdom.
Infinite feelings of joyfulness and peace.
Infinite feelings of unconditional love and appreciation for all my creations.
Infinite supply of money to express appreciation with, right here, right now.
There's no magic to it, but as I say those words, I also raise my hands and arms, palms up,
so when I'm at the end and saying "right here, right now," my open palms are above my head.
For me, the feeling of rising movement as I feel the power expand within me is supportive.
Now, in your present state, you don't know what it actually feels like to be an Infinite
Being who possesses all the qualities I just listed. You don't remember what the Infinite Energy
feels like. So, you do your best at the start with full confidence that your capacity to feel the
Infinite Energy will expand over time. If you use words like I did, they may seem empty and
hollow at first. That's okay. Say them anyway. If you use another strategy to feel the Infinite
Energy, it may feel weak at first. That's okay, too. Just do your best and resist the Phase 1
temptation to beat yourself up for not doing it perfectly, for getting "better" too slowly, doubting
yourself or The Process. Your goal is to be able to feel the Infinite Energy on command - and
you will get there if you commit to playing in Phase 2 of The Human Game. And remember,
you're not alone when you do the Phase 2 work. Your Expanded Self is always there with you,
helping you and supporting you perfectly at all times.
In the beginning, everything may sound like empty words. That's
okay. Say them anyway and feel them as much as you can. Over
time, they become more and more and more real to you - naturally.
Coming back to The Process, after you affirm that you've reclaimed the power from your
creation in step 4, you then open up into the Infinite Energy and immerse yourself in it. Here's
what I say - and feel - as I do it:
“As I feel the surge, I feel myself expanding more and more into who I really am. I feel
myself expressing more and more of who I really am in my hologram, in my Human
Experience... I AM the Power and Presence of God. I AM in Infinite Abundance, right here
right now."
You must always really feel The Truth behind the words you use!
Then, while immersed in the Infinite Energy, in Consciousness, you replay the experience
that triggered the original discomfort. If you still feel any discomfort as you experience the scene
again, merge the discomfort energy into the Infinite Energy and let the discomfort dissolve into the
Infinite Energy. Replay the scene as many times as you feel moved to and merge it into the Infinite
Energy until you can replay it, and feel only the Infinite Energy.
Step 6 : Express Appreciation
In the sixth and final step, you take a look at the "movie scene" you created to stimulate the
feelings of discomfort, and you appreciate how magnificent that creation was, how amazing you
had to be to create it, and how amazing it is that you could actually believe it was real when it was
really just smoke and mirrors. In essence, you want to say and feel "WOW!" about the creation
you just reclaimed power from and bask in the why of that wow and in all your magnificence. I
call this "The Wow Effect." Therefore, at the end of applying The Process, you're in an extremely
joyous and expanded state.

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halinagold said...

Notice that if you use the Process without being fully aware of what it's all about (without knowing the busting loose model and/or before doing the transition into Phase 2) it will not have the same "effect" as it does for a Phase 2 Player. If this is something your resonate with I strongly recommend that you study the Busting Loose From the Emotions Game in its entirety.
Also, there's absolutely no point in mixing the Process with other modalities such as the Work (which basically appears to be a Phase 1 tool, even if offered by a Phase 2 Player).

halinagold said...

I just realized I wrote "Busting Loose From the Emotions Game" in the comment above. I meant "Busting Loose From the Money Game"! But just in case: Busting Loose From The Emotions Game is the name of Robert Scheinfeld's home study course where he presents the busting loose model and tools as related to emotions/feelings/relationships.

mentormatt8 said...

Halinagold, these are interesting points you are making but I disagree. I'm curious if you have any evidence for saying "there's absolutely no point in mixing the process with other modalities". Any personal experience? As I remember from the books, Robert is open to us modifying his system to our own tastes. And that is what I am doing here!

halinagold said...

Hm... now that I ready it I can see how my words come out somewhat sharp :-) Let me say it in a different way then: On your Phase 2 journey the Process does often morph by itself, spontaneously, as a result of your expansion. Or you may be inspired to apply some other technique at some point. There's a difference between such temporary, spontaneous changes and proactively combining the Process with other modalities. The latter does mostly come from a Phase 1 residue of wanting to create a shortcut and improve your efficiency - fix and improve your hologram in other words.
I'm saying the above based on my personal experiences as well as my experiences from coaching other Phaser 2 Players.
This being said your journey is your journey of course. :-)
All the best

ViNZ said...

I Love reading Mr. Scheinfeld's book "Busting Loose From the Money Game". As far as his works are concerned, he just recently released a book and it's called "Busting Loose From The Business Game."It takes the topic of discussion into a very different place, especially as it relates to money, business and career.

tonyzamb said...

anyone do coaching on his work and care to help me? if so thanks

Halina Goldstein said...

I used to do Busting Loose coaching - my present coaching embraces that and provides more. If interested start with the upcoming free webinar at or check out my blog at

Ilona said...

Robert scheinfeld is a professional master of scam. He is able to sell ice to Eskimos, asking for money for that which is available free to everyone.
Truth? Find out for yourself what is true using your own thinking. If you believe that you need an info for 1000s of dollars to set you free- you have been hypnotised.
Following roberst model sooner or later you will realise how stupid this whole thing is, so save yourselves money and time and turn inside, ask yourself what's truth until you know.

Disclosure said...

Hi Ilona,

Thanks for your contribution and your warnings. Everyone can decide for themselves what they will do with Robert's teaching.

The good part, you don't have to spend thousands to get some of it.

Liked your point about turning inside and finding the truth.

But there is also the "outside" where you can get inspiration also? Or would it be better called outspiration?

That can be a good starting point too.

Anonymous said...

It all comes down to this: "The truh is that there is no thruth".

Disclosure said...

There really isn't, at least not the universal truth.

But everyone can find what works for them, if they keep an open mind.

Anonymous said...

Models and maps of the territory are models and maps, not the territory. Absolute truth an certainty are impossible unless you KNOW different ;-)

Meanwhile, I find Ilona's comments here and elsewhere to be disturbing as Scheinfeld is hardly L Ron Hubbard.

Tale a chill pill, Ilona

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