A Letter From Ron Paul to Patriots 2/16/2009

I got this letter from Ron Paul today. The letter clearly states the objectives of the C4L and what is at stake. Do we really want an Obama's "army" of young government workers???

Read on! It is a great opportunity for all of us.

February 12, 2009

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I hope you share my firm conviction that our fight is just beginning!

You’ve stood alongside me in our battles for Liberty and the Constitution before. Now, an even bigger threat – and an even bigger opportunity – is upon us.

Please read the enclosed letter from C4L’s President, John Tate. John isn’t just a friend of mine. He’s also someone who worked side by side with me in the Revolution as my National Political Director. Now he’s agreed to take up the fight in a way I cannot – by leading the Revolution on the outside, while I return to Congress.

In Liberty,

Congressman Ron Paul

John F. Tate, President

Dear Patriot,

Please take a moment to fill out the Campaign for Liberty Membership Ballot.

It’s important you do so at once.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Ben Bernanke are all hoping you don’t. They’re counting on you and me to sit on the sidelines and lick our wounds from last year.

Well, I for one intend to fight.

And since you are a supporter of Ron Paul and his Campaign for Liberty(C4L), I’m confident you’re ready for the brutal battles ahead as the forces of tyranny stand ready to take away more and more of our freedoms – if you and I don’t act today.

Make no mistake, the fight begins NOW.

If you and I don’t act today, the first 100 days of the Obama Administration could well be an even bigger disaster for freedom-loving proponents of constitutional government than were the last 8 years.

Already we have seen the type of assaults on limited government Barack Obama has in mind. He wasted no time in pushing forward the one TRILLION DOLLAR boondoggle he cunningly packaged as a “Stimulus Plan.”

And if the new Administration and their allies get their way, this will be just the tip of the iceberg.

And that’s not all. You and I are up against:

*** More government bailouts – for the auto industry, for more banks and financial institutions – and who knows how many others. What we can be certain of is more and more of our tax dollars are being flushed away each and every day.

*** Continued FED secrecy and practices that devalue our currency and create bubbles, malinvestment, and the volatile business cycle.

*** Expansion of federal powers under the Homeland Security Department and Patriot Act to position government to suspend your freedom at will.

*** Huge new federal bureaucracies staffed with freedom-taking enemies, intent on doing Big Government’s bidding.

*** A new Obama plan for mandatory federal service, forcing America’s young people into his “Army” of government workers.

And that’s just the beginning.

With so much at stake in the coming months, and so much to fight back against, it’s critical I have two things from you today.

First, your advice.

It is important that you share your thoughts and input with us on our Membership Ballot by following this link:


Secondly, it’s vital that the Revolution have your continued financial support as well.

You see, you and I are going to face some tough decisions in the near future. I may well have to decide which bills to fight and which we can’t afford to do battle over!

That’s why it’s vital your advice – and your support – come to C4L right away.

You and I have some work to do. And we must start today. This hour. This minute.

You know you can count on Ron Paul and C4L to fight when no one else will.

That is why C4L was established: to fight for common-sense principles such as freedom and limited government, and to reinsert these ideals into the American political conversation when others falter.

C4L, born out of Ron Paul’s decades-long crusade for Freedom everywhere, is the only vehicle committed to fighting the tyranny of BOTH parties in Washington, DC.

There’s no doubt that you and I are in a battle right now for the survival of our nation and its constitutional form of government. There’s so much at stake this year – and so much out there to fight. It can all seem very overwhelming at times.

But if you and I don’t lead the fight, who will?

Who will stand for our Constitution?

Who will lead the charge to take back our freedom?

Who will stand up to Barack Obama’s big government philosophy?

Ron Paul’s C4L is the ONLY nationwide organization, beholden to NEITHER party, that can do just that.

In fact, we are already mobilizing the grassroots supporters of Liberty for this battle.

But we have much work to do.

If C4L can raise the necessary funds, we will fight on each and every one of these vital issues this year:

- Fighting to preserve our freedom and Constitution.

- Opposing more government bailouts and stimulus packages.

- Fighting to stop Congress’ automatic pay raise scheduled for 2010.

- Passing legislation forcing a full audit of the Federal Reserve as we work toward eliminating that institution and restoring our money to being backed by more than just the assurances of bureaucrats.

- Strongly defending the Second Amendment from the many attacks to come.

- Protecting workers’ rights from the coercive power of Big Labor, Big Government, and Big Business.

- Working to end a foreign policy that has our troops stretched beyond the breaking point, leaving America more vulnerable.

- Promoting legislation to restore national sovereignty by cutting our ties with, and ultimately getting the U.S. out of, the U.N.

- And so much more ….

There are many crucial decisions to be made in the days and weeks ahead. Our goal is to fight each and every one of these battles, and I hope you’ll help me do just that.

You see, as an organization that stands on principle, we cannot demand fiscal responsibility while behaving recklessly ourselves. So unlike the Federal Government, we are unwilling to go into debt to finance our operations. It is only with your loyal support that C4L can hope to fight and win these many battles before us.

If you can help us financially in any way, please do. Every donation, even $25 or $50, will make a difference. And if you can afford a larger donation -- $250, $500, or even more -- it will go a very long way toward restoring freedom.

But first it is vital I have your advice on where and when to fight. That’s why I’m asking you to fill out our Membership Ballot along with your donation.


Our country is ailing. That is the bad news. The good news is that the remedy is simple: return to the principles of our Founders.

Respect for the Constitution, the rule of law, individual liberty, sound money, and a noninterventionist foreign policy constitute the foundation of C4L.

Join the fight today by filling out a Membership Ballot and continuing your support of Campaign for Liberty.

We are reliant on the generosity of our fellow patriots to succeed in this important struggle. After helping by sharing your input, please help us further by making a generous contribution of $250, $100, $50, or whatever you can afford.

Our Founders prevailed in their Revolution due to their unshakable resolve and unerring faith in the principles now championed by C4L.

With your help, we too can beat back the forces of Big Government, reclaim our Republic, and restore respect for our Constitution.

In Liberty,

John F. Tate

PS: With more government bailouts, trillion dollar “stimulus” packages, and nearly daily threats to our liberty on the agenda this year, it’s vital your C4L fight back today – before we see the total destruction of the U.S. dollar.

Please share your thoughts on how best to win these battles by clicking here. C4L relies on the input and financial support of freedom-loving Americans for our continued success.

If you can afford it, please join our fight for freedom and donate $250, $100, or $50 today!

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