The rise of sea level the biggest baloney / lie

As of late I've been following articles on like this one debunking
the Al-Goreian fear mongering about the rising sea levels of 20 feet or so.
The data worldwide show no increase in the past 50 years. The issue is related to
global warming and melting of arctic ice. The best
comment I found about global warming is by Charles Lee (from the article). Does
anyone else besides me have a feeling this past winter/spring has been the
coldest in a long time?? Regardless, I would like your subjective impression about
winter/spring coldness 2008/2009. Please add your location in the comment!

Charles Lee says:
Solar activity is the principal determinant of global temperature.
When the sun is very active, solar wind increases.
This deflects the cosmic rays which bombard the earth.
Cosmic rays trigger cloud formation.
Fewer cosmic rays mean fewer clouds.
The earth slowly warms up (the effect is buffered by the oceans of the planet.)
When solar activity diminishes, more cosmic rays reach the earth and more clouds are formed.
The earth slowly cools.
The sun is now in one of its regular, cyclical quiescent phases.
Last winter - surprise, surprise - was the coolest in a decade.
We can expect this coming winter to be even colder, and the one after that, colder yet.
The planet is not currently warming.
Manmade CO2 as the engine of global warming is utter baloney, the most crooked and dangerous science imaginable.

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Mentor Matt said...

Personal impression: Coldest Spring in LA, California in years 2009. Matt

Mentor Matt said...

I read somewhere Argentina had the coldest winter in a long time (-16 degrees). Then I read global warming "scientist" said: "Without global warming the temperatures would be even lower". I love a good joke.

lionheart John said...

The Next Big Scam in my opinion will be Global Cooling. I wonder how the Elitist will put this into Play.

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