Liberty Children Crash the Tax Revolt Party

I got this from Frank at C4L: Liberty Sons and Daugthers Crashing the Tax Revolt Party!!! It sure appears to me that The Fed will go down peacefully!!!!

What happened Saturday?

130 Sons and Daughters of Liberty showed in full force at the Tax Revolt Saturday in Fullerton California--see link below. Forward the video to the 6:32 minute mark for the front end of procession and at 9:15 there is the tail end and on. We marched a quarter mile to the event.

We handed 500 Campaign for Liberty brochures and 1500 custom made fliers promoting C4L. We collected almost 500 signatures to End the Fed, and passed out pocket Constitutions, Freedom to Fascism dvds. We had a table and tent along side the Young Americans for Liberty table. Also, we distributed the C4L flyer to audit the fed.

We crashed the Tax Revolt party and received a rousing reception. And most of all, we did much good by spreading Ron Paul's message of freedom and liberty to the angry masses. They are listening people!!

Enjoy--I hope this jump starts the C4L in California.

Yours in Freedom

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