Why I Bought Pyrabank.com Domain

[UPDATE: Unfortunately, Pyrabang.com is no longer up! It seems that the business model was just not profitable enough!]

Pyrabang.com is a website that is a revolutionary approach to media: No more corporate sponsored news, biased by large corporations and government influences. Instead, pyrabang.com
allows a citizen like you and me to post news they find interesting. It allows anyone to invest in other news he/she feels are worth attention. At the same time, pyrabang is potentially enabling journalists and promoters to make a living-wage money without a boss telling them what to publish or firing them for disobedience [citation needed].

Having said that, I purchased pyrabank.com because it sounds very similar to pyrabang.com, in a blatant attempt to cyber-squat. There you have it: http://pyrabank.com (just pick a USERNAME and start BANGING) I know the founders of pyrabang.com and they know me so I expect to eventually give up the domain name (on friendly terms that is) but for now, I'm reaping the benefits. So go to pyrabank and enjoy the free press experience. The basic pyrabang membership is totally free, and the signup takes only 10 seconds. Try it out! Here is my "proper" pyrabang link: http://pyrabang.com

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