Say NO to Solar Power?

Got this email from today. An example of Big Business and Local Government
coming together and proposing a wasteful spending program that "sounds good" to the
voter, yet wastes money, uses obsolete technology, and only benefits one big company
and creates more bureaucracy.

I hope the Los Angeles voters will see through this thin-veiled attempt and
vote NO on
prop B. This is a vote of YES for more efficient, free market-based
solar energy!!!

[Please Print This Info and Use When Voting]
Election: Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Measure B: Solar Energy and Job Creations Program
Charter Amendment and Ordinance Proposition B

Click Here for "Vote NO on Measure B" Info:

Statement: Against - Vote NO on Measure B

Support Solar Power, Vote NO on Proposition B.

There is a more efficient way to produce more solar power and at a lower
cost using better technology. But, if Prop B passes, the City will be
forced to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on outdated technology
that benefits no one except the people and special interest groups who
paid to put this measure on the ballot.

This multi-billion dollar plan was placed on the ballot at the last
minute as the result of typical City Hall back-room dealings. There was
no engineering or operational input from DWP. The Council did not
consider the impact on people already struggling to pay their
electricity bills, the overall cost of this massive project, or the
impact on the already burdened city infrastructure. With the cost of
electricity just recently raised 24%, the people cannot afford another
rate hike.

The Council's own analyst explained that it would be simpler for the DWP
to design a solar plan with the public's involvement and then have the
Council vote on an ordinance.

Trade union members, environmentalists, solar equipment manufacturers,
DWP customers and ratepayers, and citizens are disgusted with secret
self-serving deals that favor special interests.

Don't be fooled by another City Hall "bait and switch" gamble on the
future of our great City of Los Angeles. Stand up and demand honesty
and transparency from City Hall.

Vote NO on Proposition/Measure B.

Read What Others Are Saying About "Vote NO on Measure B":
"I will be voting no on Measure B because I think the entire process of
how it ended up on the ballot stinks. I don't think it's been done in an
open and understandable, much less thoughtful, way."
- Laura Chick, Los Angeles City Controller

"Los Angeles can have smart solar power without a deceptive and rushed
charter amendment. The Times urges voters to reject this cynical attempt
to manipulate the policymaking process. Vote no on Measure B."
- Los Angeles Times

"Not only do I not support Measure B, if I have one message to get
across to voters this election season, it is please vote NO on Measure
B. The measure was rushed onto the ballot without much discussion or
input. It will drive up the cost of DWP rates."
- David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg, Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate

"Proposition B, despite a warm and friendly title that reads 'Green
Energy and Good Jobs for Los Angeles', would create a huge, expensive,
inefficient pie-in-the-sky solar power program."
- Daily Breeze

"Speaking for many retired employees of the Los Angeles Department of
Water and Power, don't be dazzled by the words 'solar' in the ballot
proposal Proposition B. Vote NO to protect your pocketbook."
- Daily News

--------------------------------------------------------------------- - Informing the Voters of Los Angeles County

*Note: This e-mail mailing list was not purchased at the direction of a political committee, and thus is not covered by the campaign finance laws.

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Mentor Matt said...

I also got a mailer from the Los Angeles County Republican Leadership Voter Guide who are promoting Jack Weiss for City Attorney to vote YES on Prop B.

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