Manipulate The Pice Of Gold Down In Three Easy Steps

Why would "we" want to down manipulate the price of gold? Simple, since we are inflating the dollar and other currencies so much, a rising price of gold would expose that! This we can not allow!

Let's assume it takes $XXX amount of gold sold on the market to bring price down by $100.

1/ Secure 150% of $XXX in dollars in your margin account. If you are a bank, you can get that money out of thin air, or you can borrow it from the fed. It is a much smaller amount than the Bailout's $700B, so it won't show anywhere, even if paid by the US taxpayers!

2/ Start short selling gold. For each dollar of gold you short sell, you need $1.50 in your margin account. You have that money already!

3/ One month later: Voila! Gold down by $100.

For more details on which banks are doing this, see a previous post:

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Mentor Matt said...

Here's a related website explaining naked short selling by top hedge funds. Warning -- some dangerous information on this web site!

Deep Capture The Movie

mentormatt8 said...

Here's a prediction that there will be U.S. Currency collapse and rebound of the gold and silver price.

U.S. Currency Collapse

The major point is that COMEX and other forms of gold investments is just paper gold.

When owners long on paper assets will request redemption, there will be chaos, as soon as dec. 2008.

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