- Open debates and money bomb event. NEW FORMAT!

Open the Presidential Debates... or we will!

In light of John McCain's attempts to stifle the presidential debates never before has the need for more debate participants been so clearly illustrated. When the debates are limited to two increasingly similar points of view we all suffer.

Today, at a critical point in our nation's direction, third party candidates are standing against the bailout, while the media sanctioned candidates are standing for it. The American people deserve to have a debate on the largest economic decision of our generation. The debate is an important step in our efforts to take back the political process. Our message-- "Open the debates, or we will!"

Watch the third party debates online

Please join us for a third party candidate debate and money bomb (date to be announced as we approach the 10,000 pledges mark, location to be in New York City). All of the major candidates will be invited to participate. The event will be broadcast via and many others (details to come). Remember, all of America is on the Internet. Together we can break the media blackout on third party candidates. Be sure to tell your friends and family to tune in.

Earn mainstream attention for your candidate

At the start of the debate we will launch a money bomb for each of the candidates. Contributions will be made directly to the candidates via their respective websites. will report the totals of all the candidates in one location as the moneybomb proceeds. If a significant amount of funds are raised for one or more candidates the mainstream media will take notice! Please spread word.

Submit your debate questions!

Please submit your debate questions and vote on the questions submitted by others. The winning questions will be chosen for the debate. You may submit your questions in text or via embeded youtube video.


Initial Sponsors include, and Many more to come!

The Candidates

Learn about all of the presidential candidates and compare their stances on the issues:

Constitution Party Candidate: Chuck Baldwin
Democratic Party Candidate: Barack Obama
Green Party Candidate: Cynthia McKinney
Independent Party Candidate: Ralph Nader
Libertarian Party Candidate: Bob Barr
Republican Party Candidate: John McCain


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